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Einkaufs- / Beschaffungs-AGB der Westa-Gruppe
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Our products are designed to last, which is why we closely monitor warranties and claims.
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Westa Product Westa Air Purifier
Reduzieren Sie das Infektionsrisiko absolut und lassen Sie wieder Normalität einkehren!
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SIP Gateway Telefonie
Westa Product 60WDAC
dezentrales Raumlüftungs-Set
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Document Luftentkeimung Corona Sars-CoV-2 Erkältungsviren
Luftentkeinung zum Einsatz in Innenräumen, Schulklassen, Schulungsräumen, Besprechungsräumen, Seminarräumen und Büroräumen - die Luft ist Keimfrei und ein Aufenthalt ohne Risiko gegen Ansteckung in Pandemiezeiten. Geprüfte Qualität aus Westfalen. Unsere westa air purifier WAP UVC-Systeme werden schon jetzt u.a. in der Druck-, Automobil-, Luftfahrt- und Pharmaindustrie eingesetzt und geniessen internationales Vertrauen.
kompey nuestro trabajo en tiempos de pandemia
Para dar a la pandemia su tan necesario sentido y aprovechar sus enormes oportunidades sociales y climáticas, hemos respondido a nuestra puesta en práctica de cómo viviremos, trabajaremos y gestionaremos en el futuro en la era post-Corona.
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Quite simply: We are a young, dynamic team that not only works together independently and innovatively, but also realizes hierarchically flat ambitious projects. From the conception to prototypes and completion. Always right in the middle. Always on the product. We are always on the lookout for people who will develop the world of testing and validation with us with innovation and ambition. We are always looking forward - and especially up-to-date - to meaningful applications from engineers, technicians, electrical and mechanical specialists, project managers and software developers. Our imprint: Die Luft der Freiheit weht. This excellent family empire with American origins is characterized by the fact that when it comes down to it, it stands up, carries on, takes a stand and solves crises. Fairness, integration of migrants, disabled people and gender are important to us. That is why we have been so innovative, digital and flexible in our company name for over 85 years and generations. Don't be afraid to come into contact and do business with us. Our employees, engineers and specialists are happy to help you with their expertise. As a major national company of this world-leading technology group, Westaflexwerk Germany benefits from political stability, excellent transport infrastructure in the European Union and abroad, proximity to excellent universities and educational institutions, and a positive economic environment for national and international business. This makes Westaflex an attractive employer and a reliable partner. We are proud that we are able to serve the brand name important reference market Europe with advanced products, comprehensive services and sustainable mobility solutions. As a group of companies with more than 85 years of experience and competence, we have strong local roots in many regions and know the cultural diversity and individual needs of our customers very well.
Westa Product Flexibel Edelstahlrohre
Inox AE & MD
Westa Product Westerform/Westerform inoxyd
flexible, metallische Rohre
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Beispiele für die Rohrverlegung
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Acoustic units and low-noise air flow ducts are what Westaflex specializes in. They notably supplement the ventilation products and AC technology that are provided by us. Not only the individual components, but the air control units as a whole are carefully checked as to their functions and it is ensured that they are compatible with each other. This is the basis for performance guarantees that we give to our customers.
Westa Product Flexibles Edelstahlrohr
Inox MD & ME
Westa Product Abgasschalldämpfer
Abgasschalldämpfer für Zusatzheizungen
Westa Product Flexibles Edelstahlrohr
Inox MD & ME
Westa Product WesterInox
Inox-Rohre aus Edelstahlfolien
Westa Product Westerform/Westerform inoxyd
flexible, metallische Rohre
Document Zulassung Eichrecht
Baugruppen Zulassung Ladesäulen und E-Ladepunkt gemäss Eichrecht und Förderrichtlinien