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Universelles Kunststoff-Abgassystem, universelles Tankentlüftungsrohr
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Fresh air together with peace and quiet leads to a good quality of life. Westaflex in Gütersloh provides its innovative air conditioning and exhaust gas products to vehicle manufacturing, construction and trade customers on a global basis. These also include silent ACs for HVACR, be it in new buildings or those being renovated. Even the Federal Environment Agency in Dessau uses Westaflex technology.
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In kitchens, bathrooms and toilets humidity as well as odours develop. That is why Westa Air Control extracts the used air right here. Simultaneously, the same amount of fresh and cleaned air streams into all of the other rooms without there being a draft. During this process the WAC central control unit ensures that the warmth of the exhaust air is carried onto the fresh and newly supplied air. The tube and conduit system, the mufflers, the machine technology and the high-performance heat recovery to save energy are the core elements of the Westaflex controlled household ventilation. The building components system ensures that on-site nothing is missing and that no time is lost during assembly.
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Well-educated employees ensure new ideas and ongoing improvements in the workflows lead to a reduced material usage at Westaflex. Thereby the manufacturing efficiency is increased. Modern machinery and coordinated, finely tuned processes with our suppliers and customers are also important prerequisites for continuing growth. Here we greatly profit from our long-lasting customer and client contacts.
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Acoustic units and low-noise air flow ducts are what Westaflex specializes in. They notably supplement the ventilation products and AC technology that are provided by us. Not only the individual components, but the air control units as a whole are carefully checked as to their functions and it is ensured that they are compatible with each other. This is the basis for performance guarantees that we give to our customers.
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Beispiele für die Rohrverlegung
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Westaflex does not just talk about the climate – with our products we provide a major contribution for a higher quality of life in a healthy environment in which one can easily breathe: Ventilation and AC technology that at the same time suppresses disturbing and irritating noises as well as lowering the energy consumption.
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EDI International
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